Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make Your Save!

Its time to roll your daylight savings throw, to gain an extra hour. ;P *rolls d20*

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Elf Chick Welcomes You to GTFO!

I hate Tolkienesque - more over, dandy little Elves! You what an elf chick, here you are, bitches:

Some of you might say that is not a chick, but I cant tell, but the truth is, that I don't really give a shit! But if you are some wanker who needs his or her Hot Elf Chick fix, then here she is:

Welcome to the world of Elven AIDS, dipshits! Now get the hell out!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Browncoats Rejoice!

W00T!!! Firefly is back on television...

...well, on extended cable. The Science Channel - known for their hard-science programing, narrated by Morgan Freeman, and some middle-aged Japanese professor - has picked-up the long canceled sci-fi western. I could still watch it on, but my vid-quality sucks, and I can't play all the episodes there (one or two of their episodes are damaged or something).

If you can't tell, I really like that show. It was like Joss Whedon read Han Solo at Star's End ten times, with some white-knuckled westerns in between (or something like that). Even if you don't like his other shows - like Buffy or Dollhouse - he is good for dishing out interesting characters, as well as good character developments and interaction. The local environments are colorful, the ship has a nice lived-in feel, lots of moral ambiguity, and it has the sort of western-styled pioneer environment that I like in a good sci-fi.

The FOX network where fools for crushing this show. It was the first meaningful sci-fi program in a long time. They hated it, sabotaged it, and did their damndest to kill it before it could even develop even a small following! It was the sort of "space western" that got me into classic Star Trek and hoped for in Enterprise, and the sort of roguish cast that made Blake's 7 interesting. Star Trek: The Next Generation had a lot of fans - even fans who go as far as to make the show's overarching ideology their personal philosophy - but they can keep their happy-go-lucky future world! It is a universe divorced of our human nature. A culture that enjoys Shakespeare, but could never truly appreciate his works. That is the cheerfully optimistic world I wash my hands of! The FOX network pride themselves for being the "edgy network", but that was a long time ago, and they no longer have the vision or foresight to see 1 inch from them, nor 1 second ahead. Their executives maybe the poster-boys for German-styled eugenics, that ruins anything they touch, but those bastards can't take the sky from me!