Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My New Toy

For some time, I have been needing a graphic tablet. I held it off as I have been adverse to Photoshopped art, so I did not bother with it. Back in High School Computer Art and Illustration class, in the late '90s, I would draw stuff with just the mouse and I was really good at it. Unfortunately, this would prove bad an my wrists (although, normal computer-use is not helped matters ether). As an artist, I always felt more comfortable with traditional mediums, so I focused more on that. Although I have really developed my skills with penciling, line-drawing, painting (and if I had a way to get more green stuff, then miniature sculpting), but I know that the most efficient way to paint is with a tablet and a stylist. That is, if I make a mistake, I can 'undo' it, instead of whitewashing it out. I have a greater range of colors with a PC, and I can quickly make duplicates for multiple alterations (in case I want to work on paint schemes for vehicles and uniforms, or the like). And I can do a lot more things with an art program, then with traditional mediums.

So I looked into it, did some research and found most tablet computers (Androids, iPads and the like) to be too pricy or the systems were not to my liking. I then opted for a graphics tablet. The best one for my price-range was the $80 Wacom Bamboo (that is not a lot of money for most people, but for me, its a lot). Some money I got for the Holidays and the last commission has sent me over the budget for the device. I ordered it last week, and it came yesterday.

It is fun! The writing recognition takes too much initiative with how it thinks the letters should be (I'm quite dependent on spell-checkers, but I hate those that make mistakes that are WAAAYYY off base), but I don't really use that program, nor did I get it for that. Although, I'm still getting the hang of the drawing and painting, it handles great! I have found on DeviantArt, tutorials on using art programs — namely Gimp. They give great advice on many of the advanced functions, as well as tips on exploiting them.

As a plus, it also works as a mouse. Hell, it works better then a mouse! THIS GRAPHIC TABLET MAKES ME HATE MY MOUSE EVEN MORE!!! I never did liked the mouse! I always found them to be awkward and unintuitive, and they are wrong on the wrist (in fact, I changed my mouse to left-handed, to save my drawing-hand from further injury, and it really helped). I would rather have graphics tablets the default peripheral them the goddamn mouse!

Some day, I will get a tablet computer. But until then, I'm going to make the most out of my new toy! =D