Friday, January 20, 2012

Running for Capital Hell and The Whorehouse

My growing frustration with Washington has reached the boiling point! I found out that Megauplod(dot-com) was busted, and all their equipment seized. Natually, this just happened after the big SOPA protest. With the treasonous National Defense Authorization Act green-lighted by both sides (to me, anyone who sighed-off on that deserves to be detained indefinitely and waterboarded), and how they tried to poss two bills (SOPA and PIPA) that only benefits a few fat-bastards who are as greedy and bloated as themselves (Hollywood, the record inds., big pharmaceuticals, cabal companies, etc.), I am loosing faith in the system. Yes, the old-farts had no clue about the internet, and the people spoke-up to get the bill defeated, but that is not going to stop them form passing another shitty ass bill that would reduce the Constitution to a piece of toilet-paper!

They are all dead to me! >:(

They don't answer to us - the tax-paying people - they only answer to their big corporate suger-daddies! I could say "Get the bums out!", but who would replaces them? We would just get stuck with another bunch of greedy, incompetent assholes! The Teaparty Movement tried to change the Capital by bringing new blood, but they prove to be a bunch of retards and sellouts!

Right now the media is too focused no that political game show I call The Biggest Looser, where a bunch of mega-yuppies compete to show America who is the biggest anti-Christ, and send him to the Whor... er, Whitehorse. (yes, I know "anti-Christ" is a strong term, but I dont see it in terms of that one guy who will become "The Beast", but more on the terms of moral hypocrites like Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps, who call themselves "Christian" but have no clue what Jesus was really about - he was a spiritual rebel, who rejected much of what the Bible had to say). They all follow the Cult of Regen - who's economic policies failed twice already. They put WAY too much trust in big business to do right. They say they what less government, but only one will deliver, but that guy is not content until the US is a Mad Max version of itself, but he thinks we'll get a utopia out of it. They are all fucking jokes!

I know its hard to believe that a crazy-ass like myself would have such a view, but I see things with a balanced approach. Too much government is a grinding and rigged bureaucracy at the vary least, or a police-state at the vary worst. Too little government means no one gets help, and robber-barons fill the power-vacuum. I like a degree of government control, like business regulations, environmental protection, product safety standards, anti-trust laws, political campaign restrictions, building permits, and so on. We dont need a lot of nonsensical nanny-state laws or a draconian legal system, but it needs to be appropriate and maintain a balance of powers. Unfortunately people get a little political and/or economic power, and they loose their heads.

Well I see Governor Walker (WI - R) getting recalled by overwhelming numbers in the TV, and it is giving me such a schadenboner. >=D