Sunday, July 27, 2014

Datafortress 2020 is Back!

For those who don't know, Datafortress 2020 is the best damn Cyberpunk 2020 site on the net! The guy who runs it, Wisdom000, had over the years put a lot of effort and love into the site, with some help for the CP2020 community. It is full of great articles and supplements. It covers a wide range of topics, and includes a wide assortment of new goods, environments and inspirations to be used in CP2020, or even your own cyberpunk game, including Shadowrun.

Beyond just the cyberpunk genre, the Nomad culture from CP2020 had always maintain a Mad Max vibe about it. For those post-apocalypses fans who like there post-apocalypses fiction to be hard-edged and styled like an '80s Road Warrior-clone — bikers, big hear, assless-chaps and all — I highly recommend checking out Dust in the Wind, The Nomad Market and Shop the Nomad Market. There are so much you take form them!

If you have the time and printer ink, you can download the sourcebooks. If some of the pages go to dead links, don't fret. It is a large site being moved into a new domain, and Wisdom000 is still getting the kinks out. Also be forewarned that some pages might still be graphic-heavy (this was changed by using smaller images), and there are no shortage of risqué art (just harmless T&A pics).

I hope you guys enjoy the site? Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Deviant Database 2.0 Teaser Art

Sniderman released another book of mutants in the second installment of the Deviant Database for the Mutant Future role-playing game. He needed some art, and I submitted four. This time around, a dozen artists came to his call. The Deviant Database 2.0 list over forty mutants, with most of them illustrated, a few even have two pics to them.
Here is a teaser of what I did, and soon I would add the pics to my DeviantArt gallery.

The mutants I drew (from top left to bottom right) are the Whorebeast, Mako, Bog Ghoul,  and Clotted One (AKA “Scab”).

I have been reading them on and off. So far, they are great! They would really keep the players on their toes.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Its Hotter than a Witch's Tit...

...while dressed as a topless Amazon! ;p

Enjoy this nice OD&D mockup. I hope this makes summer a little more bearable for you guys?