Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Who Walked Alone

Well, I just saw The Whole Wide World with Renée Zellweger as Novalyne Price and Vincent D'Onofrio as Robert E. Howard. It was adapted from the memoirs of Novalyne Price Ellis, called One Who Walked Alone: Robert E. Howard, The Final Years. To anyone who is a REH fan, this is a must see! Buy it, rent it, steal it - anything!!! Its a good mix of humor and tragedy, but for the most part, it was quite amusing. One part I really enjoyed was when Bob took some lady's quote "A man without a mustache, is like a hard boiled egg without salt" to heart, and started to sport one.

For the Conan fans, this is what "Two-Guns Bob" thought about the character he calls the "damnedest bastard there ever was" (enjoy):


Anonymous said...

Vincent portrayed Bob Howard to a T.
He is an incredible method actor who puts his all into his roles.

Brutorz Bill said...


Malcadon said...

@Beverly: Yep, I really enjoy his roles to - although not to the extent as yourself.

@Brutorz Bill: Yeah, vary much so! =D

Cimmerian said...

Yes, this is a good flick! Probably uncomfortable at moments for Howard fans but a good dose of reality! Lovecraft was also a little socially awkward & it's amusing how these two great artists had so much common ground.

Trey said...

It is indeed a great movie.