Monday, May 2, 2011

I Just Won a Mutant Future Contest

Blood Axe at Goblinoid Games forum held a contest in the Mutant Future sub-forum.

The rules are simple:
  • "Post a cool character for Mutant Future with a picture and I will pick a winner."
  • "Enter as many times as you like, but have a character with all stats & info, along with a picture."
  • "[This] is only open to USA members."
Here is the prize:

Yes, a copy of Metamorphosis Alpha 25th Anniversary Edition.

I posted 6 entries, but this was the one Blood Axe liked:

Lergon, the "Many Hands"
Race: Mutant Human
Level: 6
Hit Points: 54
Armor Class: 6
THAC0: 15
Saves: Eng 13, P/D 10, Stun 12, Rad 11
Alignment: Chaotic

1/round, +0 to attack for melee and +1 to attack for missiles.
Damage: 1d6+1 w/spear or 1d4+1 w/daggers and 1d4 w/sling.

Strength: 11 (+1 level) (+0 to attack and +0 to damage)
Dexterity: 14 (+1 level) (+1 to missile attacks and initiative and -1 to armor class)
Constitution: 16 (+0 on poison saving throws)
Intelligence: 7 (-5% to technology; can write simple Trade words)
Willpower: 9 (+1 level)
Charisma: 7 (+1 level) (+1 to reaction rolls, 3 retainers at morale 6 each)

Mutations: Aberrant From - Extra Parts (8 arms); Bizarre Appearance (stubby arms - 3 baby-like), Control Light Waves; Greater Force Screen; Know Direction; Negative Empathy.

Equipment: Spear, 2 daggers, shield, sling w/20 stones, fur armor, bedroll, flint & steel, grappling hook, lantern, small steel mirror, 5 flasks of oil, 5 weeks of trail rations, 4 small sacks, 2 large sacks, 3 waterskins (2 water, 1 wine), 16 soup mixes, 7 light sticks, motion detector, 4 blood agent grenade launcher shells, 97 gp worth of assorted coins and scrap metal.

Lergon is a many-armed mutant with few friends. From a young age, he was an outcast of his tribe, so he had learned to survive on his own, and for it, he never developed a personality. The impulse that drives other to fight him, also makes him vary paranoid, and for the most part, he keeps quiet and introverted around others. When he do speak, its usually simple, short statements in Trade speak - a form of "Pidgin English". Beyond his emotional distance to others, he strongly desired to be loved. If he finds someone to love, who can tolerate his negative empathy, he would handle the relationship with obsession and petty jealousy. In his travels, he did befriend some adventures, but his impulsive behavior around women tend to cut things short.

He told me that "[he] captured that old school Gamma World feeling for me." I glad, as this is how I present characters in my games. I like my mutants to look freakish (Bizarre Appearance is a given in my games). I like them to be somewhat primitive (but not necessarily simpleminded). With PCs or NPCs, I like to make well-rounded characters, with personality traits and interesting character flaws.

By the way, the picture I chosen was from a french animated movie called Gandahar (or Light Years, in the US). This movie has a number of unique looking mutants, that are perfect for any Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, or Mutant Future game. Here are more pics, if anyone is interested.


Jay said...

Congrats! And very cool PC--I watched Gandahar just the other night. Those dudes are TOTALLY Gamma!!

/thanks for the Flickr gallery link too!

Malcadon said...

Thanks! :D