Saturday, October 22, 2011

World Wide Wikis

When I'm not not on old-school gaming forums, reading nerdy "Top-10 Lists", or watching YouTube and classic anime online. I am editing on Wikis. I started on Joepedia, the Star Frontiers Wikia and a few others. I then started the Mutant Future Wiki to help the fans consolidate our ideas and materials. Do to a lack of interest and an inability for some people to learn the basic codes, their have not been much activity beyond my efforts, the efforts of a forgotten few, and nameless editors who are just here to fix my shitty spelling and grammar mistakes. Where I lack in the basic spelling and typing skills (fucking dyslexia!), I have learned how to work the coding system. I like to scout around for unique codes and templates on different Wikis.

Sometime I find a Wiki with few, if any editors, about a show I have seen that no one else gives a shit about, and turn it into my personal sandbox site, where I can fuck with it, without consequence . Yeah, its a little dickish, but I learn a lot, and what I learned helps that site and others. The best example of the is the Zevo-3 Wiki (its basically a team of cartoon superheros, based on sneaker mascots). Its hard to believe that someone who have contributed the most to the site, is not much of a fan of the show.

Wikis are nice, as you can find info beyond what Wikipedia has to offer - as long as they have a good number of dedicated and informed contributors. Gamers can also find a lot of fodder for their own games. Here are some interesting Wikis I have found or contributed to:

I would like to thank editor Marhawkman for showing me the Thundarr the Barbarian Wiki. This has been a two-man effort, and it needs more love.

The Superpower Wiki a great place for folks looking to find more mutations for their Gamma World-like or Superheroes-themed games.

This is a good wiki for those who like to add new creatures and additional fluff to their Monster Manuals: The Monstropedia has lots of info on mythological creatures!

The tutorial section at the Micro-Heroes Wiki has great advice on making and editing Micro-Heroes and game sprite.

For Open D6 fans out there, I recommend the Open D6 Resurrection Wiki, and the D6 Holocron Wiki.

I have made a system-neutral Wiki for Necromunda, with added materials for it's prototype game Confrontation (published in parts, in White Dwarf magazine). For those unaware, Confrontation was more of a role-playing game (akin to Inquisitor or Rogue Trader), then what the final game ended up as.

This is an odd one. I like G.I.Joe, and I love the fluff printed on the filecards. I also like to collect these sorts of figures, so I can modify and display them. I scout for non-Joe figures to full-out my collection, as G.I.Joes are expensive and getting harder to track-down. One day I found some action figures - called S.T.O.P. vs. S.C.U.M. - at the Dollar Tree. As the name of the store suggests, they are really fucking cheap! The figures themselves are really shitty, but I really liked the background info - Mad Max meets Modern Warfare, with a Latin-American vibe. When I was looking for more info, I found that someone made a Wiki of it, with only one page (beyond the front page) made, and the creator's account vanished..! So I not just fulled-out the rest the info, but I also added more (unofficial) stuff to it. (if you cant tell from looking at it, I have a bad case of insomnia! :P) This would make for a grate RPG setting, or the background for a 1:18 (scale) army diorama buff.

I hope there are folks who are interested in editing some Wikis. There are some that really need more lovin'.

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