Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WTF Blogger?!?

OK, so I'm checking out my (recently updated) Blogger watch list to check on the blogs of folks I'm watching, and lo and behold, my list is flooded with posts form some "ngoceh" at the Personal Finance Tips blog. What the hell is going on here? I do not have this douche on watch! I do not give a damn about the glorified circle-jerk that goes on between Wallstreet fatcats! And I cant get rid of the posts, and they have flooded my watch list like a cockroach infestation, as the fucker dont shut up!

Damn, I hate these arbitrary updates! >=(


Tim Snider said...

I noticed that too on my blog watch. Best as I can figure, when a blog-owner decides to abandon his blog, it sometimes gets taken over by spammers/spambots. So, for example, Tomb of Horrors (tombofhorrors.blogspot.com) is now a Mercedes auto parts spam site. And if you have it in your reading list, you'll get the "new" content. Only thing to do is to cut the blog loose from your list.

Dennis Laffey said...

I've got one called "Wyoming" that used to be the "roleplayerhater" blog. "roleplayerhater" is off my list of blogs I follow, but I still get the stupid Wyoming posts in my feed.

Jay Exonauts said...

Yep, it's an old blog that was taken over. If you're brave enough to visit the site, you'll be able to see the original address.

My favorite so far was the poorly written (by bots or someone with really bad English skills) hawking dog biscuits. Each type of biscuit had it's own post and rating!

Malcadon said...

Thanks guys. I have a number of dead gaming-themed Blogs on watch. It must be from reusing access numbers or something.