Monday, February 23, 2015

WTF Blogger!?

I got this notice saying that Blogger is cracking down on nudity.
In this case, they making sites privet if they post any nudity. I hate when sites do this. Yes, they want to cut down on the adult content, and I understand that they don't want people to post hardcore, XXX-Rated stuff on it, but this gets iffy as nudity and artistic outlooks are highly subjective.

There is a stigma with nudity in the western world that is perverted into itself, and for reasons that eludes me, is affiliated with sex. Also the obsession with breasts — more specifically nipples — being "obscene" is a weird joke! I do not see topless women as an obscenity, and I see people who do as perverts.

As it is, the Mature Content warning is a huge hassle — for the reader and the editor. When I go to Playing D&D With Porn Stars, I get the disclaimer, but the jump does a number to my browser. When I used the disclaimer for a short time, it was messing up my posts while changing and checking the doodads. I end up stopping it out of frustration! Since my only real "objectionable" post was on chainmail bikinis and armored loincloths, it feels like no big thing. But still, T&A are ALWAYS on the table with this blog.

In my experience, sites that tighten their belts on content only make things worse, and ultimately the administrators turn thuggish if they feel the clients are not complying enough. This is more then just nudity or adult content. This goes with religion, politics, language, criticizing the admins. Amplify this, by the fact that Blogger is own by Goggle — the company with the "Midas Touch" of shitty business decisions! "Don't be evil" my ass!

As far as content go, I will stay the course.

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