Wednesday, June 3, 2020

This Machine (Terrorist?) Kills Fascists!

Well, it seems that as an anti-fascist person — as any good American would be — I am now deemed a criminal terrorist.

My little Punk Rock heart is now all a flutter. ;)

Much like how the Russian and Chinese governments only allowing "state-approved" (that is, pro-state) Hip-hop/Rap and rock music within their countries, you can make almost anything infinitely cooler by having an authoritarian figure and/or state tell people that something is criminal (not to mention the amazing underground scenes). And in the case of Punk Rock and Hip-hop, that gives a lot of creed to the genre and performers.

So in these troubled times, just remember what we did back in WWII:

THIS... is how you make 'Merica great again!

And to all the folks who like to march goosestep to the drums of a dickless "strong leader", well...

Oh, and for anyone who is going to bitch that I'm calling Corporal Bone-Spurs "Another Hitler", I am not, as that would be giving him waaay too much credit. He is just a dumber, frumpier Mussolini.

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