Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Basement of the Crosseyed Cyclops

I just spent a good part of the morning uploading 32 issues of Epic Illustrated at a site called Beware ,There's A Crosseyed Cyclops In My Basement!!! This comic book magazine is a lot like Heavy Metal magazine, with it's pulp-like selection of stories, and mature content. The Crosseyed Cyclops blog is a great place for back issues of old comics, magazines, and videos. I used it to load the complete collection of Komandi: the Last Boy on Earth, and Mighty Samson, so I can provide more info in the Mutant Future Wiki I have been working on. I really enjoy finding and reading the strange and obscure fiction found at that site. The only downside it having to deal with all the damn pop-ups and countdowns that crops up on Rapidshare and Magaload - if you are not careful, they might give your PC the AIDS or something from those pop-ups! But all-and-all, its worth it to find all those fantastic files.

Now if you don't mind, I got some reading to to. =D


Anonymous said...

Pretty Awesome.

Thank you very much.

Clovis Cithog said...

Congratulations on your haul of great fiction (source material).

I just realized I have not linked your blog to my blog : - (

Saturdays comments section has a brief explanation of why I developed my melee combat system for Barsoom in the manner that I did.